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Le vieux honfleur restaurant

The oldest restaurant in Honfleur

A historic Honfleur landmark, Le Vieux Honfleur is the town's oldest restaurant and one of the oldest in France. It will take gourmets to the heart of Norman cuisine.
It's in this authentic setting, in the heart of the historical center, that you will enjoy the delightful, tasty cuisine created by our Chef. Discover a diverse menu, with a fine selection of fresh shellfish, tasty meat and fish dishes. Enjoy it in winter, comfortably seated in the warm atmosphere of our dining room, or, in summer, in the picturesque setting of our terrace overlooking the Vieux Bassin

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A Terrace in a Prime Location

The Old Basin, the quaint houses of Quai Sainte-Catherine, the Lieutenance, and the Church of Saint-Etienne stand as remarkable landmarks, epitomizing the authentic charm of Honfleur. Nestled in the heart of the historic district, Le Vieux Honfleur adds to this stunning scenery.
More than its exceptional location, the restaurant boasts a spacious and sun-drenched terrace. The breathtaking views of Honfleur’s harbor, with its boats and picturesque houses, make it a truly extraordinary restaurant.

Terrace & location
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The cuisine

Le Vieux Honfleur offers a deeply Norman culinary experience, featuring fresh, seasonal, and local produce—a testament to the skill of the region's producers, artisans, and fishermen. The atmosphere is friendly and warm, set in a cozy environment with stunning views of the harbor boats and slate-covered houses.

The Chef
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The chef

Yann-Mickaël Coquet, Chef at Le Vieux Honfleur, and Matthieu Pouleur, Head Chef of the Collection Saint-Siméon , collaborate closely to craft a menu that is both creative and bold. Their cuisine straddles the line between modernity and tradition.